Saturday, February 14, 2009

Super 14 Rugby 2009

One of the downsides of moving to Brisbane for the next few months is that I am going to miss all the home games of my beloved Highlanders in Dunedin, in the Super 14 Rugby this year. It will be just typical - the year I am not there will be the year the Highlanders do really well....I can dream, can't I??!!

A big decision
So the big moral and ethical question I must answer is..........who do I support now I am living in Brisbane? Do I cheer for the Queensland Reds, or for any of the sides that play them that come from New Zealand?! Maybe I just go for which ever side has the cutest players!?

If all else fails, I may have to start going to rugby league games. The advantage of rugby league over rugby union is that the players wear tighter shorts. So you see......a silver lining?!

Virtual rugby
In the meantime, I am signed up for the virtual rugby again. It appears that people have been having problems with the web site, so I hope that gets sorted soon.

If you wish to follow my progress, my user name is "Hototagogirl" - good luck.

Image: 'Ce International Rugby7 14' vampirogordo


Pamela Harnden said...

Go Hurricaines! so sorry Highlanders lost by jammy drop goal last night!

Sarah Stewart said...

I know - heart-breaking

Anonymous said...

oh dear - thats a little yucky.

Sarah Stewart said...