Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thinking about Stage 1 of Second Life project

We've been going around and about in our thinking about the Second Life birthing unit. To be honest, I'm still probably a tad confused about exactly what we're doing and when. The difference in opinion appears to be what we do in the different stages of the project, and exactly when the stages are to be trialled with the students. What I have previously described as Stage 1, is now considered to be Stage 2.

Working the birth unit into midwifery education
My vision for the birth unit stage 1 is that it integrates into first year papers that look at birth from a philosophical point of view, looking at foundation knowledge and getting students to think about why things are the way they are in the birthing environment.

I also see the birth unit giving us the opportunity to demonstrate to students what research evidence is, and how and why we base our midwifery decisions on certain research. This would integrate into the first year research stream.

User story
Here is the user story for the birth unit ie what we would like the students to do in the birth unit that meets the learning objectives:
  • demonstrate an understanding of the role of the midwife in the normal childbirth process;
  • demonstrate effective evidence based, midwifery practice guided by a sound knowledge base.
Please feel free to read the document and give me any feedback and ideas about how we can use the birthing unit to achieve these learning outcomes.


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Sarah, thanks. I'll write up my thoughts and ideas to my blog and we can look at adding to your Google doc after that hey.. I haven't read the Google doc yet as I'm on my way out (although I probably would have read it if it was in your blog ;)

Will reply on Monday

Sarah Stewart said...

Understand what you're saying about google docs versus blog. I am hoping that we can use both so we can collate feedback on our blogs, but have a central document that Claire etc can see easily. Look forward to hearing your ideas.

I am over for a week over easter, so will be free to do any f2f work with you then, & do things like video midwives etc

The other thing I have been thining about is how we can video the scenarios in stages 2 & 3 so people can work their way through them outside of SL. Is that possible?

Leigh Blackall said...

Sure that's possible. I reckon it would be great to use the animations that Aaron is finding and creating to tell the story of experienced midwives through machnima and comics. You would get audio recordings of their stories and we would generate pictures for them from the SL models. I thin that would be an excellent way of providing some form of offline material of phase 2 and 3 developments.. same as we are doing for phase 1 - making a machinima documentary about the making of the virtual birthing unit. We'll need an audio recorded conversation between you and deb about the theory, then another with Aaron talking about the build. Add music and machnima and we have quite an engaging video about the virtualisation of the birthing unit... So we'll need those audio recordings soon Sarah.

Leigh Blackall said...

Hey Sarah, here's my post that is feedback to your idea and an explanation of one of my own ideas for your project. I used your GoogleDoc as the basis to explain mine too.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is new to some of these fora, I find it difficult to follow the evolution, progress,status of the project as I am having to go to a couple of blogs along with google group to update myself on a regular basis. I would love it if all this wonderful information/reflection/discussion was in one place. Am I a neo-luddite?

David McQuillan said...

Hi Sarah,

I tried to have a look at the Google doc, but I was told that I don't have access.

Could you publish it to the web?
(Share - publish to the web)

Sarah Stewart said...

@David Hopefully I have fixed this-let me know if you still cannot read it.

@Deb: yes you are!! How would you like us to handle dissemination? What works for you?