Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flickr and creative commons

I followed Leigh's instructions and left comments on a number of the Fickr images that I have used. This is the reply I received from Phil Hilfiker:

Thank you for letting me know where you posted one of my images under the CC license. I also appreciate the fact that you built a post around the topic how to properly use CC licensed photos from flickr.

To completely adhere to the rules of the CC license attributed to the image you chose to use, there's just one little additional point that I like to see respected and that would be great to actually see as a topic included in your post: the attribution. While one can argue that you did in fact attribute the image in your post by including a link to the original page of the photo on flickr, I always very much appreciate to be given credit for a photo with my actual name 'Phil
HIlfiker' (and I think a lot of photographers out there who decide to make things avaible through a CC license feel the same). - After all, those CC images that might be used somewhere on the web, a lot of times without the photographer even knowing about it, also serve a bit as
advertisement for an individual photographer.

Personally, I chose to specify the attribution details on my flickr profile page ( which admittedly can easily be overlooked by someone just
using a search engine to find a particular CC image on flickr for example.

I guess I should consider marking the attribution requirement on each photo page where I'm showing a CC licensed image to be more clear.

Image: Phil Hilfiker
Lightness of being - episode I' On White.

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