Monday, December 24, 2007

Being a midwife in New Zealand

I moved from the UK eleven years ago and became a Kiwi citizen three years later. I have just looked at the last couple of posts I have written for midwives who are interested in moving here, and I have to say that they do sound rather negative. So here are some of the reasons why I love living in Dunedin, New Zealand.

1. Dunedin is the most beautiful place. We have wonderful scenery and wildlife right on our door step. The weather is crap a lot of the time, but on a sunny day there is no better place to live in the world.

2. Its a great place to bring up children. I do not think that there is the commercialization or materialism here as there are in other cities/countries. My kids just do not have the expectations for material things as their peers in the UK - mind you, that could be because we're always broke and they know there's no point in having any sort of expectation!

3. There is not the population and congestion of other cities. Our idea of a traffic queue is a pile up of five cars at the roundabout.

4. Property is affordable....just.

5. We are a long way away from terrorist threats, although we have been feeling some off-shore earth quakes lately.

6. Despite all my moans and groans, the maternity system is brilliant for midwives who want to practice total midwifery care, be self-employed and carry out home birth.

We do have our problems such as high youth suicide, domestic violence and prison incarceration rates. However, as a family we feel very safe here and after a considerable amount of time, we are settled and feel proud to call ourselves Kiwis - except when New Zealand is playing England at any kind of sport and then we are steadfast Poms!

Image: 'Along the Knife Edge' Andrew Baird


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, glad you're enjoying Dunedin so much (except for the weather -- but come on now, it's not all that bad is it? I think you've been spending too much time in Brisbane, which has unreasonably skewed your comparison. ;-)

In case you were wondering, I got here after seeing your comment on the discussion of smacking I took part in on another blog... (Sorry for the philosophy jargon; both 'Ken' and I are philosophers so it's easy to slide into that lingo...) But anyhow, I'm a Dunedin lad originally, tho' now in Washington state. Happy New Year!

Sarah Stewart said...

Great to hear from you, gazza. As far as I am aware, us lot in Dunedin are the only ones in the world who are still happily waiting for some global warming!! But it doesn't appear to have hit us this year! Having said that, had a wonderfully sunny day at the New Year races yesterday at Waikouaiti, just north of Dunedin. Take care and a happy new year to you also.