Wednesday, December 5, 2007

When using Flickr images

Here is some excellent advice from Leigh Blackall about using images from Flickr:

As most of us know, Flickr has a vast repository of images that have been licensed Creative Commons. I must acknowledge a problem with Flickr in that image authors can actually change the license that they use on their images, so what might have been a CC BY image when one of us picked it up, may in fact have been changed since. So I think it might be good if we choose to sample someone's image from Flickr that we leave a message in their comment box below the image that thanks them and lets them know what we are doing with it.

Adding a comment to the image serves two purposes:
1. It lets the photographer know what's happening with their image
2. It adds a record to the image page that once upon a time the image had a non restricted license

Here's a video on how to sample images from Flickr's Creative Commons

'Thank you' to Leigh for that excellent advice - I'll start doing that from now on.

Image: Phil Hilfiker 'PICT0001 (1 year-anniversary)'


Sue Waters said...

Hi Sarah

Here is an excellent review of Flickr Creative Commons if you ever need to explain to other people.

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE

Carolyn said...

thanks for this information about Flickr Sarah and Sue I have to admit I have not really got my head around what is and what is not OK with Flickr. I need to really look at what I am doing here.