Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Moderating your blog

Up until very recently I have set this blog up so that all comments are moderated by me before I 'allow' them to be published. My rationale for that was to ensure no spam gets through.

However, following a short discussion about this, I have decided to follow the advice of Sue Waters, who feels that moderation puts up barriers to comments which is something I do not want to do. This was reiterated the other day when a colleague said that she had given up commenting on my blog because she did not see her comment immediately - it made her think that she had done something wrong, which was off-putting to a newbie blogger.

If spam does find its way into the blog, it can be easily removed.

So, I have disabled the moderation facility, and will see it that makes any kind of a difference to how people make comments.

Image: 'Everything in Moderation Including Excess' Major Clanger


Anonymous said...

One other thing you should be able to do, if you like, is turn on 'word verification'. This will require people to prove they're not a bot by typing in the letters from an image it shows them. Unlike moderation, it's automated, so they see their post go up right away. But it also annoys some people... I had word verification turned on on my blog initially, but one or two people complained about it being annoying, and pointed out that it's not like one gets spam comments every day anyway... so I turned it off. Every month or so I have to remove a spam comment. Not too bad.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thats good to know. I had a blog about 18 months ago and I had heaps to spam. But so far I haven't had any for this blog.

Leigh Blackall said...

good move Sarah

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Gazza's suggestion is a good one. If you can turn on word verification without enabling moderation it is definitely worthwhile because hopefully it would cut down spam. Just wish they would install it on my podcast site which suffers badly from spam.

Sarah Stewart said...

I am going to see how I get on - if I get a lot of spam I will follow your advice & switch 'word verification' on.