Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Twitter for mobile midwives

I have been thinking about the potential of Twitter for midwives. For those who do not know what Twitter is, please read my previous post 'Getting my head around Twitter'.

Midwives are very mobile people and I think it could be an excellent tool if midwives used it through their mobile phones or other mobile equipment. Picture this:

I am out on my rounds visiting a pregnant woman at her home and come across a problem...I put out a query to my Twitter community of midwifery colleagues and friends...a reply comes back that I can action while I am still at the woman's home.
Of course I could have phoned or text a colleague, but by using Twitter I have access to a wider community of midwifery experts.

Otherwise, I cannot see midwives finding it very useful. Because of the nature of midwives' work, I think they would be much more likely to use asynchronous tools that allow them time to reflect, at a time that is convenient and away from their work. However, the truth is I do not really know because there is not a lot (if any at all) of research looking at how midwives use Web 2.0 tools or how/if they structure their learning using social networking.

I would love to hear your ideas about this, especially if you are a midwifery student or midwife. Do you use Twitter? Is this something you see would be useful and how? How could we use it in midwifery education?

Image: 'Niece & My Nokia 6230i (by Nikon D70)' Spitzgogo_CHE


Anonymous said...

hi sarah
i can see students using this actually - as they navigate their way thru practice. I can also see midwives who for whatever reason don't have an available support network finding it an asset. However to be honest - I think the majority of NZ midwives establish a network of supportive colleagues in whom they trust and will probably find it more useful, reliable and expedient to just buzz their mate/s for an opinion. Most midwives are rightly fairly precious with their practice and so probably prefer the comfort of a known colleague. But if you were in a situation. However if you didn't have a functional network it would be the next best thing.

Sarah Stewart said...

Actually, thinking about it, I think you're right. I never thought about it being a thing that students would lock into, but I think it is a 'cool' thing that would appeal, especially to those of placements. Ummm....will have to suggest it to my third years.

Anonymous said...

yeah good plan. Might be good for new grads too - perhaps before they establish their own support network as practicing midwives - but I think it natural for new midwives to have their own support network evolve before long and then I think it would outgrow its usefulness for most.

Carolyn said...

I am just wondering how this is different, or how it might be better than a cell phone contact group? Is it worth the effort of getting my head around, will it provide benefits over and above a cell phone group?