Monday, January 28, 2008

Holiday Hangover!

Having just had a fantastic weeks holiday, I am struggling to get going again exercise program (such as it is!) ...and.... this blog. So I thought I'd ease back into it by posting up a couple of holiday photos.

We had a great week away camping in a caravan just a few miles away from Wanaka at Glendu Bay - 'Lord of the Rings' country. The weather was fabulous apart from one 24 hour period when it absolutely poured down with rain - the animals were just starting to queue up, two by two, to join us in the caravan when the sun came out again.

We drank lots of wonderful Central wine and ate succulent cherries. My husband dragged me up a bloody great mountain, which nearly finished me off completely. He kept saying, "You'll be so proud of yourself when you get there!" - yeah, right! But I have to confess the views from the top were amazing, as you can see.

Now, I am back at work flaunting a sun tan, which is very unusual considering I have been in Dunedin all summer. And to try to motivate myself further, I have changed the template of this blog, mainly in response to comments that the previous layout made things look very cluttered.

So any thoughts about how it looks now, please let me know.


Sue Waters said...

Sarah - great to hear you had a really good holiday! Shame we have to ease back into everything - wish we could just stay on holidays.

I love the new template. Wider columns means the text works better across the page and it is definitely much cleaner looking.

Carolyn said...

Great pics and I really like the new layout.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you both for your comments about the new layout - I really like it too.

Unknown said...

Sarah, a much clearer view now... like being on the top of the mountain!

Your pictures were fabulous. I went to Wanaka as part of my one and only trip (so far) to New Zealand and just loved that area. It was mid winter and the light was stunning.

Have fun getting back into things...


Carolyn said...

now you are off with a rush and a roar!