Friday, January 11, 2008

Joining Twitter

OK, I have plucked up courage and got a twitter account: now what!?!

User name: SarahStewart

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John Haslam


Anonymous said...

Sorry for chuckling but I had just finished writing my response to Claire's post when I read your post saying you are on Twitter. Well the thing is you need to add people and perhaps you should add your twitter name to this post so people can add you. Twitter won't go anywhere until you choose some people to follow. Now the problem is the well known people, and people with established networks may be relucant to add you. See there is only so many people you can add. Now make sure you write your profile and add an avatar image before you start adding people. Also make sure you include a link to your web site. This is important so people have a reason to add you. Twitter won't make sense without the network. I would recommend starting with approx 100. It is cool they don't all answer at once so you won't be overwhelmed. One way of choosing people to add is going through other people's twitter accounts, or I could suggest some people that you would enjoy or I could ask my network to add you. I also suggest you download and use Snitter it makes it all that much easier to use.

Let me know if you need help - I have added you to my stream and you need to add me back. You should receive an email saying I am now following you and once you have added me we can start talking.

Unknown said...

Great advice from Sue there. I've added you too.

I'm still trying to work out how it works - best piece of advice I got was to listen for a while, till you tune in to how it works... and look for things where you can jump in and add value to something someone is saying or asking about

Good luck!


Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you both, Joanna and Sue. I'm getting there slowly - just another thing to distract me from work!