Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's official - I'm too fat!

My husband and I had a 'family' trip to the doctors the other day and one of the conversations was about my snoring, which has now got to the degree that I have been kicked out of the marital bed!

My doctor put me on the scales - in front of my husband...ahhh! And the terrible news was that I was too fat, which makes my snoring worse.

So now I am faced with a quandary..... do I want to save my marriage enough to go on a diet and join a have to think about that for a moment!

This personal post is in response to a post by Sue Waters on her blog Mobile Technology in TAFE entitled "Connecting with your readers" in which she talks about blogging about one's life in order to connect with readers.

Image: 'Fat Boy' James Phelps


david santos said...

Nice posting, Sarah. You are Master!

Photo espectacle.

have a godd weekend

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, David. Just to say - the diet starts next week after my holiday!!

Anonymous said...

hmm.... my partners not fat and he snores ....I just hit him and he quietens down. I am not joking.

Sarah Stewart said...

My husband tried hitting me but that didn't achieve anything other than make me very cross!

Carolyn said...

I guess I am kind of lucky, we both snore, so can't blame one more than the other. We are both fat and both need to do something about it. Problem is we both like food and we are both lazy. In addition sitting at a computer doesn't help at all, my problem, Doug's is TV.
Lets get active eh?

Sarah Stewart said...

Thats the trouble, Carolyn, I am feeling so lazy these days. Probably being overweight doesn't help in fact its a vicious circle. Well, I'm away all next week on holiday so will have to start doing something with myself when I get back.

Anonymous said...

I secretly believe the snoring at my house is just naughty, deliberate and inconsiderate - although the non fat man I live with swears it is uncontrollable. I really don't get that he doesn't hear himself doing it and just stop - out of politeness. Why else would he be snoring if he's not fat? Its just naughty. It has improved since he's been doing a stint on the stridor before bed - but now theres nowhere to hang my clothes.
How about lunchtime tennis when we get back to our lives of sitting around the office all day? Might help you two with the snoring and help me loose weight - but not sure about disrupting carolyn's equilibrium - she might have to start hitting Doug?