Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stats confirm my feelings about this blog

Back in December I wrote that I had decided that this was going to be a blog with an education and professional development theme rather than clinical midwifery, and I was happy with that. Over the New Year I have worked really hard to connect with other educators by joining Ning and Twitter; leaving comments on other blogs and joining in with community projects. This seems to have paid off because the number of visits to this blog has risen to 100 per day (this blog has a small audience at the moment because I am writing about a very small and specialized field).

But over the last couple of days, I have written some midwifery-specific posts but am really disappointed to see that my daily visits have dropped again to about 50.

To me, this seems to confirm that I am better off writing about education issues rather than midwifery issues. What do you think? Why do you read this blog and what interests you?

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Kate Olson said...

Well, Sarah, in my opinion, I think you should write whatever you want - i guess it comes down to why you're blogging. I do it for community, but also to hone my writing skills and organize my thoughts. Just my 2 cents!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Kate. You're right of course. But then it is nice to know someone is reading your work and hopefully finding it interesting.

Now that we are starting the 31 day challenge, I'll have plenty of stuff to talk about regarding blogging and social networking.

Nancy White said...

I suspect you are a boundary crosser, Sarah, and so a mix may reflect that role in the world. And you never know who on one side of the boundary is going to spread the word and bring in more people. I find that sometimes one little post changes everything because the right person saw it at the right time.

I am reluctant to 'give advice" beyond this one: follow your passion.

Sarah Stewart said...

I just seem to go round and round in circles with this one, Nancy, which is even starting to bore me.

I am a boundary crosser and that is frustrating and confusing at times because I do not feel I totally belong in either field, but at the same time, its great because I have a much wider perspective on things and greater circle of colleagues and resources.

In the end 'following my passion' is the advice I can follow. cheers.

Sarah Stewart said...

'best' advice, I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

hi sarah
i agree - write whatever you feel like - its your blog - and isn't that kind of one of the reasons people who have blogs indulge in them?
I like the midwifery matter more than the educational matter - but that said for us midwifery educators - they are so interconnected that either can prick my interest easily enough.
Maybe when you write about education you get more responses because educators are more likely to be sat at a computer - thinking and getting excited by talking about education. Midwives generally are less likely to be at the computer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I was wondering if the drop-off might also be because many of your readers might be from the Northern Hemisphere where the Christmas/Winter break for educators is now over and everyone is back into the daily grind. I know that I have less time to peruse my favourite blogs these days!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thats an interesting point - I had not thought of that. I am back to work in 10 days time. I know I wont be able to spend half the time on this blog or anyone else's after that. Thanks Clare.