Saturday, January 12, 2008

MIDIRS online resources for student midwives

In a previous post I talked about the MIDIRS web site that has a number of online resources. One of the resources is a space for student midwives called 'Student Zone'.

There is a list of midwives and students' blogs, but I would like some way that you can submit details of your own blog. There's a discussion board that looks at topics ranging from what is required to be a midwife and life as a student, to professional issues for registered midwives. The web site also hosts a wiki and chat room, although I haven't managed to work out how to get into the chatroom yet.

The website looks like it is still in a growing phase but has great potential as a specific meeting place for students and midwives. But I wonder if people will use it to the same degree they will use Facebook, MySpace and instant messaging systems such as MSN? Is it worth spending a lot of time and money developing specific platforms (and this question applies to educational institutions as well)? Would not organizations like MIDIRS be better off exploring how they can capture an audience/users through platforms that midwives are already using?

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