Tuesday, January 15, 2008

31 Days to Building a Better Blog: Day 1

For some time now, I have been thinking about doing the '31 days to building a better blog' challenge which was first proposed by Darren Rouse. I have dipped in and out of it, courtesy of Sue Waters, but didn't want to do the challenge my own - without someone to hold my hand! Anyway, I have found Kate Olson via twitter who is doing to same thing, so I am sure it will be much more fun going on this journey with a 'mate'.

Day One's activity is to email a new reader of the blog. The reasoning behind this action is to connect with the blog's readers with the aim that this will encourage them to visit again. I have been aware of this as a strategy and because my readership is so small, I have religiously been in touch with all the people who leave me comments. However, I have a friend who has just started to comment on this blog and whilst I have verbally thanked her for visiting the blog, today I also emailed her. I have certainly noticed as a blog reader that I feel a lot more positively about a blogger who responds to my comments, be they on the blog itself or by email.

The other thing I have done is join the 'Building a better blog' Ning Community. This is community of people who did the 31 day challenge last year, so I am hoping they have lots of hot tips for us.

I would be really thrilled if anyone wants to join me on this challenge. Would also love to hear from anyone else who has done the challenge - what was the most effective activity you carried out?

Image: 'iron' Atanas Entchev


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I'm from the Ning group, hoping to join you for the duration.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Robert, great to hear from you. Lets hope we have fun doing this. Sarah

Carolyn said...

good luck.
I think your blog is pretty good already though.

Sarah Stewart said...

You're too kind, Carolyn - but still behind you in reader numbers, so its not good enough!!!!!!

Seriously, doing this challenge isn't just about improving my blog but it also about networking, finding and communicating with people along the way. Why don't you join us?