Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birth announcement

In the good old days, you heard about the birth of a baby in the newspaper. These days, you are much more likely to hear about it via Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

My dear friends Leigh and Sunshine have just had a little girl called Eve and I am delighted to be able to hear all about her on various social media channels. Sadly, the family is in Canberra so I cannot see them face-to-face at the moment. But I still feel very connected to what they are up to.

I am especially glued to Youtube where Leigh is posting up various snippets of film about his beautiful daughter. But I have to say that my favorite piece of film comes before Eve is born. Sunshine was in a video store when her waters broke. Not only has Leigh (I cannot believe he did this!!!) retrieved the video footage but he has also posted it on Youtube!

I wonder what Eve will think about this when she is older - I wonder if Youtube will be around when she is older?


Leigh Blackall said...

:) well, if youtube's not around, you can be sure I'll upload a copy to whatever is around ;)

Sarah Stewart said...

Poor wee Eve!!