Monday, February 22, 2010

Feedback from midwifery colleagues

I am just finishing off my preparation for my Midwifery Standards Review in March, and just wanted to quickly reflect of the feedback I have received from colleagues, which is a requirement for Standard Eight.

On the whole, I think I am quite hard on myself when I am reviewing my practice. So I find it is really useful to receive collegial feedback because that often puts things into perspective. It appears that I am meeting the challenges of communication in the context of locum midwife.

"...women who received antenatal and postnatal care from Sarah during those times was very positive, they all noted how easily she developed a rapport with them, despite being so busy and in such a vast and unfamiliar remote area. Many commented on how friendly and easy to talk to she was, and that the information she shared with them was done so in manner which they clearly understood. 2 of these women spoke little English and had recently arrived here from a country with a very different maternity system."

It has also been great to receive validation of my midwifery practice, especially as I have not worked in the clinical context for a while.

"I was so very pleased to have her support. She was calm and confident during a labour and birth (apparently her first in a rural location for some time). I know the woman and her partner were very appreciative of Sarah’s presence, and extremely grateful that Sarah identified when their son began to show signs of a GBS infection, and promptly arranged and accompanied them to the NNU at Base hospital."

A big 'thank you' to the Lumsden midwives who put up with me last year :)

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