Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter workshop at Otago Polytechnic February 2010

Here is my plan for 50 minute computer workshop I am facilitating on Thursday for the big staff development day at Otago Polytechnic.


"Show and Tell"
How Twitter can be used for teaching and learning
  • Make an account
  • Fill in profile and load up image/photo/avatar - I may leave this activity for participants to do later depending on time frames
  • Send a 'tweet'
  • Start to follow people
  • Start a conversation with group using #otagopoly
People to follow:

Otago Polytechnic

Questions and discussion as we go along

How do you think that sounds? A bit too much for 50 minutes? Or, have I forgotten something?


Claire Thompson said...

The outline for your workshop looks great! I hadn't seen Jane Hart's 'Twitter Workshop' before--what a super resource!

Will you be doing the workshop in a computer lab?

50 minutes isn't a lot of time, so here are a few of my suggestions:
- do the shout out to your Twitter network right away--perhaps a 'please say hello and where you are from'. This way participants can see the network working all through the session as more folks catch your tweet.
- later you could pose a question to your network like, 'how do you use Twitter?' so participants can see a more directed use of Twitter.
- Focus on the big picture as opposed to the nitty gritty details--the tech savvy in the crowd will probably be signing up with Twitter as you present and starting to tweet away (assuming there's WiFi). Others will need the nitty gritty, so let them know where to find it, but they'll probably need more than the 50 minutes to get started.
Anyway, that's my 2 bits ;-)

You've put together some great resources; all the best on Thursday!

JC said...

Looks great Sarah, would you like to bring the workshop over to Victoria, happy to discuss marketing it for you. I would also like to see a more broad brushed seminar aimed at ceo's of nfp's helping them understand how to use this stuff instead off trying to keep their fingers stuck in the proverbial dyke
John Coxon

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Claire: well, you were right...I didn't have enough time! Next time I do a workshop like this I will take 2 hours - 1 hour for the big picture stuff and 1 hour for the 'how to'.

Hello John: I'd love to come over & do some workshops in Victora. I am in Australia for a conference in Alice Springs 1-4 July but could work either side of those dates, or I can do other times.