Thursday, October 7, 2010

More experimenting with growing veggies in pots

Having decided tomatoes, lettuce and zucchini grow well in pots, I am going to try to grow a few more veggies in pots this year. I have just planted broad beans, and I'm going to try spring onions, marrows, basil, cucumbers and onions. I'm also going to give strawberries another go even though I didn't have much success last year.

In the garden, I'm going to grow cauliflower and broccoli again - they did really well last year planted in amongst my flowers. I've got nice compost that we've made that I'll be able to use this year. And also have some sweet pea and snap dragon seeds I can plant from last year's crop.

This year I'm going to grow veggies from seeds so it will be interesting to see how this goes. I spent the weekend clearing the garden of weeds and planting the seeds in propagating pots.

But the highlight of the weekend was discovering we have a blackbird pair nesting in a rosebush. The nest is at eye level so we have a discreet view of what's going on. I'll be able to sit in my porch with my hubby's binoculars and watch the comings and goings without upsetting the birds. We just have to keep an eye on the cat and make sure she doesn't try to get to them.


M-H said...

Sarah, you might enjoy my daughter's blog. She is in Palmerston North and has a very big garden, but she has some ingenious ways of getting round the weather and increasing her yields because they depend on the garden to feed their family.

Sarah Stewart said...

Great...thanks for that :)

Katherine said...

That's adorable... love the idea of 'blackboards' nesting nearby... (language teacher in me responding)...(actually, in truth am a bit jealous).
Am a new gardener too, and have planted trays of cherry tomato, bok choi, herbs, and tomatillos. Will look forward to your top tips.

Sarah Stewart said...

Glad to see you saw my "deliberate" slip LOL

Don't ask me about 'top tips'...I'm just playing at this gardening business. I am keen to find a blog or website that deals with the issues of growing veggies in pots, in New Zealand and/or Australia...let me know if you find anything out there .