Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeling slightly curly

After being apart for just over six weeks, I'm thrilled that my husband has come to Brisbane to see me for two weeks. He has whisked me off for a romantic weekend in Melbourne, or rather I should say that he has dragged me over here to take me to the Australia International Airshow at Avalon.

Our courting days
It took me back to our courting days when he used to drag me to all the big airshows in England. In those days when I was soooooo in love, I never complained .......much! But yesterday I complained bitterly all day because I got absoutely soaking wet and nearly froze to death. You would think after nearly 25 years of marriage I have done enough to prove my devotion!

Victoria Market
But I have to say that our trip to Victoria Market this morning made up for the miserable day yesterday. Again, walking around it took me back to our courting days when we went to Europe for our holidays. The stalls and people were very cosmopoliton, making me think I could have been in Italy or Greece. In particular, I was reminded of a wonderful holiday we had at Lake Garda in Italy in 1987. We used to make our way to a country vineyard at the back of our hotel for lunch, eat cheese and meat, drink far too much grappa, and sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

The Curly Girls
The highlight of the weekend was an evening out at a burlesque show last night featuring The Curly Girls. The girls were fabulous! They were beautiful, talented, funny but at the same time it was obvious they had put a lot of thought to their routines to make comments about women in society today. Mark and I are thoroughly taken with the girls, the show and the venue. You must go and see them if you are in Melbourne, or check out their Facebook pages.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

sarah I am so happy that the cold and damp did not kill the romance. It sounds like there was a bit of rejuvenation of the relationship going on. We miss you and it is good to catch up on your project and fun weekend. Bron

Sarah Stewart said...

We have had a great time - its been lovely hanging out together without the kids!

I'm over for Easter 7-14th April, so hope to catch up with you then.

Carolyn said...

Great photos Sarah, Lovely the glam shot in the rain. I absolutely adored the Victoria market when I was in Melbourne very briefly. Our apartment was just down the road. The mangoes were delicious and the cheeses and meats and vegies, Oh I could go on. I would love to live there just so I could go to that market, but then I would eat too much so maybe better that I stay in Balclutha.

Sarah Stewart said...

I agree but not very keen on climate in Melbourne - not too keen on '4 seasons in one day' climate