Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Many small decisions to be made in the virtual birth unit

One of the things that keeps me on my toes in the SLENZ birthing unit project is the many, many small decisions that need to be made about things from what images to have on the wall to how the signs should look.

The picture above is of the birthing room - check out the superb birthing pool in the corner - I am with the builder of the unit, Aaron Griffths (left).

This is me (Petal Stransky) stuck up the birthing rope. It is normally used by women to hang on to during a contraction, and supports them in a squat.

This me with Aastra (Deborah Davis - my partner in crime) sitting on the bed in the birthing room.


Carolyn said...

Got Tania into SL today and has a wee look at the birthing centre. Isa was busy in there. The bed had a lovely quilt on it. Looking good :)

JennyMR said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for checking into my blog so quickly and for your kind comment.
I am fascinated by the second life project you are involved in, your birthing suite looks amazing.

I remember you speaking at a health forum last year re your online teaching - you talked about the hours people spend on trademe and how if online teaching could be a game people would get into it. About the same time one of my more mature students had been most adamant that it would be entirely wrong to have online components in the mental health course. Several weeks later she shared that she plays competitive games of jewel online - fascinating!

I think there is incredible scope in this for my mental health course. Leigh tells me there are mental health units in second life already. I'm looking forward to having

Sarah Stewart said...

@Carolyn The BU has been signed off now, so its all ready to go apart from things like signposts

@JennyMR That's a lot of work being done in SL with counseling etc - there's a place on Jokaydia-you should go and have a look.