Friday, February 8, 2008

Twins and Waterbirth

Here is the most amazing video of a waterbirth I have ever seen - and it is twins!

The only thing I would say is that I would be concerned about the amount of handling of the babies he is doing whilst they are under water. There is a risk that a baby will be stimulated into taking a breath whilst she is still submerged, so I like to keep my hands off the baby as much as possible until the head is clear of the water.

This is a video of a woman giving birth so may not be suitable for all viewers.


Anonymous said...

Why do both the babies cry as soon as they are above water? Is that normal in your experience?

This is a point where my memory of our son's birth and Andrew's don't tally: I'm sure I remember Hugh crying as soon as his head was clear of my body, before I ever saw him, but Andrew says he didn't cry at all but just made little splutter noises.

Sarah Stewart said...

Crying is part of the whole process of taking a first breath. Its been my experience at waterbirths that this process is slightly delayed which sometimes is a tad worrying but could also been seen as evidence that the baby has had a gentler birth into the world.

Your little one could have been quieter because he was a little 'shell shocked'. You had a reasonably rapid birth and babies in that situation can be a little shocked and it takes them a moment or tow before they realize that they have 'arrived'. Obviously, I do not know that for sure - just a best guess.

Carolyn said...

what a shame! this video is no longer available.

Sarah Stewart said...

Works alright for me-must be a problem your end.