Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where babies come from

Where babies come from


Carolyn said...

Great Ad. I love this one.

Anonymous said...

Great ad.. I enjoy it on TV - Blog is looking fantastic Sarah - puts mine to shame.. Never mind roll on next week - all students under way, all Annual Programme Evaluation Reviews completed, all external moderation/monitors come and gone and reports read and commented on.. finally can get back to my EdD and my blog... may be a good reason to have a coffee together????? Watcha doing Friday night - maybe we could meet face to face in a real house!!!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for your comments, Merolee.

Would love to have a catch up! But wont be able to make it for a few days - am writing an article about Web 2.0 and have 2 papers to submit for a conference - by next Friday!! So would love to see you after that.

Anonymous said...

okey dokey.... who are you submitting your article to? I'm just putting a conference presentation together for OT Australia national conference - just had an Australian academic here going - I could see the possibilities... and I know it just takes time.... so I have to keep evanglising I guess and keep talking about it!

catch you up when you are a bit freer!