Saturday, December 6, 2008

Final round up of "Reflection on Practice"

This is my video presentation of how "Reflection on Practice" was developed, implemented and evaluated. I would like to give a big 'thank you' to Animoto for providing such an excellent service, especially now I have been given education status.


Carolyn said...

Great video Sarah, well done.

David McQuillan said...

Pretty cool.

How long did it take you to create that presentation?

Sarah Stewart said...

@Carolyn - did it make sense to you?

@David It wasn't too long as I had all the images in Flickr and then I exported them into Animoto. What took the time was thinking about what to 'say' and what images to use. I haven't got it as good as I would like, but as I said before, practice makes perfect.

Anne Marie Cunningham said...

I liked some of your visual cues like goal posts. I thought that was great. But I thought that maybe the message wasn't clear enough. Maybe it is the music... it has the same drive and beat all the way through and maybe it would be better with something that rises and falls or starts of quietly.

You have set yourself a real challenge in doing this! Who is your audience? What is the advantage of using animoto over your textual reflection? I didn't expect to get as much detail from the moving images as the text but I also got less of the feeling of excitement and warmth that seemed to be created between you and your students.

Does that help in any way?

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Anne Marie-your comments are really helpful.

Here's the thing-I am a great writer (as in I do a lot of it, not that what I write is great), and never think much beyond that. This video is my last assignment and we had to use a media other than just plain writing. So I thought it would be my chance to explore and try out other media, and at the moment, I am really loving Animoto. But making a video isn't as easy as it looks, especially when you are restricted to the number of words you can use so I feel I am still learning the skill. Interesting what you said about the music - I hadn't thought about it. You have to be very careful about license, and as I'm too mean to pay, I am 'stuck' with music that is freely available. And, glad you got the goals image. I'm making another video for a presentation I'm giving on Monday, so will be mindful of what you said.

Anne Marie Cunningham said...

It is excellent to challenge yourself in this way. Looking forward to your next one:)