Saturday, December 6, 2008

Please, please, please vote for me!

I have been nominated for two Edublog awards for the first time: Best Individual Blog and Most Influential Blog Post - "Getting our knickers in a twist?". And I have been mulling over how I will react to my nominations and plan my campaign for getting people's votes.

Plan of campaign
There appears to be a number of approaches to campaigning for votes and I am not quite sure which I will take.

There's Nancy White's cunning reverse psychology approach for the Lifetime Achievement award in which she says "don't vote for me". Nice touch, Nancy - I know reverse psychology always works with my kids :)

Then there's the "whateva" approach taken Alan Cann, who has been nominated for the Best Teacher award. Whateva, Alan - we know you care really.

I could be "bemused" like Stephen Downes who doesn't know why his blog wasn't nominated. Thankfully I don't need to take that stance because my blog HAS been nominated. Hopefully, Stephen isn't so bemused about his nomination for the Lifetime Achievement award.

I could be intellectual about the awards like Tony Karrer, who is nominated for Best eLearning Blog and has just written a long expose entitled "You like awards?". Oh yes, I do! Would love one...pretty please!

Or I could take this all far too seriously which is what Doug Johnson appears to have done in his posts like "Poking the wasp nest". I wonder if Doug will hand back his award if he wins his nomination for Best Librarian.

My approach
I've decided that the best approach is for me to beg and plead - please, please, please vote for me because let's face it, I haven't a hope in hell of winning an award when you see that I am up against such wonderful people as Michele Martin, CityTeacher, Al Upton and Matthew Needleman.

Yes, awards mean a lot to me - they fulfill my need to be noticed and acclaimed-and yes, I am a drama queen, so if you have a spare 'pity vote', feel free to spend it on me.

...and I'd like to thank my pet gerbil, my Great-Aunt Betty, the lady down at the local fish-and-chip shop and.........


doug0077 said...

Hi Sarah,

My concern is that if I won, the award would go straight to my head and there would be no living with me. I expect that I would shave my head, go to parties without wearing underwear, try to date Angelina Jolie, and other celebrity-like behaviors. And for a Minnesota, this is quite unseemly.

Awards can have serious consequence and are not to be given or taken lightly!


Sarah Stewart said...

LOL. and if you dated Angelina Jolie, you would end up having to take on hundreds of orphans and goodness knows what else. Now, I see where you're coming from! Thanks for dropping by, and your lovely humor, Doug.

Pamela Harnden said...

Hi Sarah,
Of course I`ve given you the vote and also someone else by accident!

I`ve also voted for Carolyn as best new blog.

I fully anticipate a nomination next year!

Sarah Stewart said...

Maybe we should start a midwifery blogs awards scheme. What categories do you think we could have?

AJ Cann said...

LOL. Voted. Now how many more IP addresses can I find ;-)
Seen thia?

Pamela Harnden said...

I`m going to think on the Midwifery blogs award scheme. I may just have to savour a glass of wine whilst I`m doing it.

Sarah Stewart said...

Whoops, Alan, I wonder if he's talking about my begging post!!

Pam: you'd better read the link that Alan left before you go any further with the idea of starting an award scheme :)

Anonymous said...

I voted for the first. Then I got confused about the second... couldn't remember the title of the post I was supposed to vote for.
I think Midwifery blog awards would be LOVELY!
I'd be happy to participate as a 'consumer of midwifery care'!!!!
As I'm a hop skip and wee jump from MN, I can attest to the absolute insanity of not wearing underwear in this weather! brrrrrrrrrrrr. Don't do it DOUG! I won't even get in to suggesting you'd date a woman who had elective cesareans on a midwifery blog! shudders.
hee hee.

Maïté Roy said...

It's done Sarah! Good luck.

Maïté, your French speaking fan

Sarah Stewart said...

@hbacmamma Thanks for making laugh more :)

Nous vous remercions de voter pour moi. Je vous remercie de votre soutien. Nous vous souhaitons un merveilleux Noël et Nouvel-An.

Thank you for voting for me. I appreciate your support. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

I voted, and did so with refelcive gusto!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Jeffrey. Thank you for being my role model, and posting the posts about your course which helped me think about mine.

Anita Hamilton said...

Hey Sarah, I did vote for your knickers in a twist post! I was nominated by the University of Salford OTs as you were and I'm so grateful that they led me to your blog.

My strategy for getting votes was to email my colleagues and friends to tell them to vote for me! :-)

Are you going to the SL presentations? I will try, I just don't know whether to wear the ball gown or the mini skirt! My avatar is so excited about going to an actual event as she feels that I keep her secret...

Well, she is younger and prettier than me, so I do have to control her!

InfoMidwife said...

Congrats Sarah, sorry have been so busy I have lots of reading online to catch up with - well done, have responded to your pleas... and have voted with great pleasure.
Thanks for your support over the year and have a happy festive season and all the best for 2009.

Sarah Stewart said...

@Anita Thanks for your best wishes. I didn't win an award, but was thrilled that people voted for me.

@infomidwife Must catch up with you as I am heading to Australia on a 6 month contract. Am still keen that we write that article. Happy New Year!