Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A tale of two cabbages

After a fair bit of nagging, my husband finally relented and has allowed me to experiment and grow a few vegetables in my urban garden.

Now, to be fair to my husband, I am known for my wild ideas about the garden that I never follow through. And I always leave him to clear up the mess. So this is why I had to prove to him that I could be responsible and not cause him yet more grief, garden-wise.

I've planted a few lettuces, parsley, tomatoes, spinach, celery and two cucumber plants. I've had my first harvest of lettuce- three leaves - don't laugh, it was enough for one salad!

But sadly, the cucumbers have come to grief.

The other success story is that we have made our own compost and put it around the tomatoes and roses. But the dog has eaten a lot of it, so I am not sure what good it has been!

What are you most successful at growing - flowers, vegetables or weeds?


Pamela Harnden said...

Cucumber plants need water,water,water and some tomato feed does them a treat. Cabbage doesn`t grow that well for me it tends to grow lots of leaves but no head. we do well with broccolli (spelt wrong), onions, lettuces grow better with a domed clear cover over the top of the pot as it creates a greenhouse effect. beetroot is a good grower as well. I can`t seem to do carrots, I`ve not got the patience for all that 'thinning' out when its needed.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Sarah,

Flowers are my strength, but now and again I try vegetables and have a modicum of success.

My oldest daughter undoubtedly has the edge on me. Over ten years ago she brought home a cinneraria flower. It seeded and its offspring has graced our garden with cinneraria every year since.

Catchya later

Sarah Stewart said...

@Pam I think your idea of some sort of mini greenhouse is a good one. Its been really cold here on and off, so I think thats probably the problem.

@Blogger Great photos-what lovely colours!

Tania said...

Sarah, Don't get me started. gardening is my obsession at the moment. My husband says that if he cant find me, he just has to look in the garden to see my head bobbing about. Its something that really satisfies my soul: being outside, seeing my plants thrive and blossom, eating the products of my labour.

Sarah Stewart said...

I agree, Tania, that its very relaxing & satisfying. Have been given gardening equipment for Xmas so should get out there and do some more work.