Monday, January 17, 2011

Home to roost

My two adult kids have been flatting for the last couple of years. But now they have finished their various university and polytechnic courses and are bankrupt as a result of student loans and overdrafts, they've moved back in with us while they work out what they want to do with their lives.

Not only have we had to squeeze two flats' worth of rubbish back into our house but our son has brought home a cat, Narla, which he got about a year ago. So now we have to get used to having the kids around again...eating us out of house and home... another animal in the house....and more cat poo in the garden.

Running away from home is getting to look more and more like an option!!


David Callaghan said...

Hi Sarah

I'm a bit of an expert with feeding the kids on a limited budget - I buy in bulk, on an industrial scale. I look for the offers from our local supermarkets, and instead of getting a few in 'just in case' I calculate how many we would use of product X right up until the use by date ... and 'stock up'. Hence I have over 100 cans of tuna, 300 tins of chopped tomatoes, and at least 140kg of pasta in our stores - all bought at around half their current price . I have concerns about mice getting into the pasta, but think the tuna and tomatoes will be OK until mice evolve enough to use can openers?!

Does anyone else buy in these sort of quantities?


Chris Woodhouse said...

Hi Sarah,

But do they make you tea in the morning, or do they still not understand there are more than two 8 o'clocks in a day?

Sarah Stewart said...

Thats hilarious, David. I don't even have room in my kitchen for 300 tin tomatoes.....

@Chris Not seeing much of them at the moment...they're out and about with boyfriends/girlfriends...