Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thinking about a research topic for my EdD

One of the things that I am getting in a dither about is I have no real idea what to do for my EdD research. The most I have been able to narrow it down to is that my research is likely to be global and to do with social media...whether I look at how we use social media in education, or that I use social media as a research tool, or I do both.

The other thing I am dithering about is whether I look at education in a generic way and then apply to midwifery/health. Or look at midwifery/health education and then relate it out to education in a generic way. So...lots of questions which I don't think I'll answer until I get an epithany one day.

In the meantime, here is a mind map I did using Wordle which is the start of the processing I have to do to come to a topic.


moira stephens said...

you are absolutely correct - it will come to you. During your reading, your thinking and your conversations your question will come to you. A gap, or rather, an avenue, will appear and you will start off down that route .... will probably saunter off onto many other tracks and tangents but you will come back to the original question's path.I am a visual person (and you might be too I think) so I spend a lot of time diagramming questions, links and possible answers - may help to do that. The dots will join as you go. It sounds like you may have an initial broad question - just follow along with that and see where it takes you with regard to detail.... and a more focused question - enjoy the ambiguity for the moment:)

Sarah Stewart said...

Funnily enough, I have just been asked to join a research team in Brisbane - they are keen for me to do my EdD around this project. It may not be my first choice for research but may end up being a pragmatic choice for practical reasons.