Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pots, concrete and vegetables

I just wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me with my gardening in my last post: A little disheartened. Here's a few pictures of my garden and my pots so you can get an idea of what I am trying to achieve in my urban garden this year.

Dwarf beans that look really bedraggled because they have been badly battered by wind.

Dug up my flower border and planted broccoli, which seems to grow well.

Pots of broad and climbing green beans in pots around the back of my house. Broad beans are as sweet and tasty as beans but have not produced enough to eat as part of a meal.

The other small piece of garden where I am successfully growing more broccoli and beetroot. Getting heaps of caterpillars attacking the broccoli.

Pots of dwarf beetroot and carrots, as well as tomatoes and zucchini.

This is a little corner around the back of the house that has zucchini and cucumbers growing. I experimented with using eco-friendly shopping bags instead of pots because I thought they'd be cheaper and easier to move around the place. But I am not liking them that much...I prefer the rigidity of pots. At the back you'll see a plastic version of a built -up bed which I bought from The Warehouse. But I haven't been that pleased with it because it lacks rigidity. And all the cats from Christchurch to Invercargil have been using it as their private toilet. I think if I want to persist using this space I'll have to get my hubby to build a proper raised garden bed.

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Anonymous said...

quite the farmer sarah. Impressed. My goal of the yr - is to have a glamorous garden.
Have you tried egg shells for the caterpillars? Works for snails - gruesomely - they slither along and then get all cut up on the jaggered shells and die. Kids love it.