Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wanted...a couch to burn

I am now officially a student of the University of Otago, having enrolled and started EdD classes this week.

Students of the University of Otago who live in Dunedin are called scarfies. There are certain expectations that as a scarfie I will be called upon to uphold. I will be expected to drink a lot of Speights beer and get drunk...a lot...and often. I will be expected to go to all the local Highlanders rugby games....dress up in silly blue and gold costumes...and stand on the Terraces at Carisbrook and throw beer at people.

But the thing I am most excited about I am a scarfie I will be entitled to join the yearly student riots and get involved with a much-loved student activity...burning couches. It just so happened that when my son moved back home a couple of weeks ago, he brought with him his couch which we really don't have room for. So now I know what I can do with it...take it out onto the main road and burn it.

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