Thursday, January 1, 2009

7 More Things You Don't Need to Know About Me

I was just thinking about my first blog post of 2009 and I was tagged by Michele Martin to do the 7 More Things You Don't Need to Know About Me meme that's currently going around. I don't often respond to tagging because I haven't got time. But it's 6am on New Year's Day - I am sitting in bed with nothing much to do - hubby's off to work and kids are sleeping off the night before - so here goes.

1. My first 'real' job as a 14 year old was working in a car parts company in Bristol, UK, sorting out windscreen wipers.

2. My first boyfriend was called Dave and he gave me my first kiss when I was 14. We went out for 10 weeks and our dates were mostly made up of meetings at church. One day I couldn't find him at church, which was a little strange. After the service, my dad told me that he had been told that Dave had broken up with me. Dave never said a word to me after that. It took about four years for my broken heart to heal.

3. I stole a pencil sharpener from my teacher when I was 5 (you really, really didn't need to know that!).

4. I think David Beckham is really, really hot!

5. I have spoken to Cliff Richard. He was about to perform at a christian rally. I asked him for his autograph but he refused as he felt it was inappriate for the occaision. I was gutted.

6. I won second prize in a knitting competition when I was about 7. The truth is that the scarf I knitted was rubbish. But all the other entries were crocheted and were expelled from the competition because it was for knitted things. That left just me and another entry, which is why I got the prize for being second out of two. I am still very proud of that achievement.

7. I have a huge, ugly mole on my back. It makes my kids sick when they see it. Have you ever heard of babies born with extra body parts attached to know... like an extra arm or something. Well, my mole is a bit like that ...and it keeps growing. In fact, I'd say it is a bit like Kuato in the film 'Total Recall'. But I am too broke to have it removed. I was quoted $160 by my GP but I am far too mean to spend the money. I can't see it so I'm not worried.

What are the seven things we don't need to know about you?

Here are the seven people I have tagged:

Pam Harnden

Ellen Stewart

Tania Rangi-Thompson

Phil Ker

Anne Cunningham

Leigh Blackall

Carolyn McIntosh


Ed Webb said...

Thanks for sharing that. Had no idea you were a West Country lass (I grew up on the Dorset/Somerset border & Gloucestershire). Total Recall is one of my favorite bad films ever :)

Sarah Stewart said...

@Ed I was born in Taunton and lived on a farm near there until I was 7 and then we moved to Keynsham until I was 16, then we moved to Bournemouth. Then I went to Salisbiry to do my nursing and midwifery. My father's family are all farmers in Devon - South Moulton, near Tiverton.

Total Recall is one of my fav all time films-I love it. I hate to admit to be an Arnie fan. Also love True Lies.

Helen said...

Hi Sarah - wow you are such an interesting person and I found your seven revelations to be fascinating. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for tagging another group of interesting people.
Happy New Year.


Sarah Stewart said...

Helen, what are your 7 things we don't need to know?! Good luck with your new job this year.

Christine Martell said...

Hey, we could start a social media mole removal campaign. Maybe if you posted a pic of said evil thing, we would all be motivated to eradicate it? I'm sure Sue Waters could get that done for you in a matter of days :)

Does your hubby look anything like David Beckham? Does he care? Both my husband and I tend to like dark haired hotties, and we are both light haired--- therefor not necessarily good sharing topics.

Sarah Stewart said...

Christine: Hubby doesn't look anything like David Beckham, but I love him anyway:

As for mole, maybe I could start a money-raising scheme on Facebook so I get the $160 to get it taken off :)

Michele Martin said...

These are great, Sarah--thanks for sharing! Too bad 14 year old boys don't understand the lasting impact they have on 14 year old girls, huh? :-)

Bill Genereux said...

I can't decide if I more liked knowing about your mole or about your stolen pencil sharpener. Both made me laugh.

Dave sounds like a classless twit. But Michele Martin is right. In general most males are oblivious to the inner workings of the female mind.

Pam said...

Hi the blog looks good. How do you feel about it? I`ve done my 7 things you don`t need to know about me but I keep thinking of more!

Sarah Stewart said...

@ Michele Its funny - here I am - 46 years old - happily married for nearly 25 year-but thinking about Dave still makes me very cross. I'd love to meet him again & tell him how I feel. But then again, I wonder how my behavior has affected people in the past. I hope I haven't hurt anyone.

@Bill I haven't a clue why I pinched the pencil sharpener - probably cos I didn't have anything like it myself. I am very ashamed of that action when I think about it now. But then, I was only 5 at the time :)

@Pam Don't worry, there will be other memes around, or, make each thing you think of into a blog post.

Jeffrey Keefer said...

Do you have any Flickr pics of the mole?!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Jeffry, there are some things a girl has to keep to herself, and my mole is one of them!! :)