Saturday, January 17, 2009

Making a video using ScreenToaster

I have been testing ScreenToaster, which is an online program that allows you to make screencasts; videos of your computer screen. A screen cast is a really great way to teach someone how to use a computer program, or just have fun with personal reflection, story telling and so on.

The advantages that ScreenToaster has over programs like Jing is that you do not have to download anything onto your computer. Now I love Jing. It's very easy to use and produces great quality video. But unless you pay for the Pro service, you cannot embed the video you have made into YouTube or your blog. So I use Jing primarily for taking still photos of my computer screen.

Embedding video
In contrast, ScreenToaster produces embed code which then can be uploaded to your blog. And it looks as if you will soon be able to upload video directly to YouTube in the near future.

It did take a little while to iron out teething problems like the audio. And it is annoying having to go through the whole set up process every time you want to shoot a new video. But I do like being able to access embed code so I can put a video straight into this blog.

Childhood memories
Here is my first attempt at making a video with ScreenToaster. For some reason it stopped recording without me knowing -maybe that was a signal that I was droning on too long. So I am sorry this is a bit rough, but at least you will see the quality ScreenToaster produces. I cannot remember who I got the idea of telling a story in conjunction with Google Maps from, so I apologize for being unable to attribute the idea.


Tania said...

Thankyou for sharing this resource Sarah, i have created my first screencast & embedded it at
if you want to have a look

Sarah Stewart said...

Had a look at your eportfolio, and think you've made a wonderful start-love the screencast. Just a couple of things:

1. You've done what I'm always doing - slept midwifery wrong in the side column

2. I couldn't see how I could contact you-you need to make that a little clearer eg where is your blog/

cheers Sarah

Anonymous said...

hi sarah
great wee tool that - thinking it could be good for students getting to know each other at distance - or for sharing various practice locations with the group in the BM. Thanks

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks, Rae. It should be even better when you talking about a place where you can see the view from the roadside.

Pam said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks I too have made a screen cast. I`m still having trouble embedding it into a blog post at blogger but I`ve managed to put it into my space a Digifolios and the sidebar of my blog at blogger.

Sarah Stewart said...

I have to say that I have struggled a little with it over the last couple of days. But I am sure it will get slicker as it is developed.

Carolyn said...

Looks like a good resource Sarah. Thanks for sharing. It was nice to hear you story about your childhood. I am amazed you are still alive to tell the tale given your childhood exploits. My goodness .....:)

Sarah Stewart said...

And I didnlt tell you about the long bike rides I used to take when I went off for the day by myself with no way of contacting home if anything ontoward happened. You just didn't worry about those things in those days.