Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Making life easier with Firefox add-ons

Internet browsers are the door to the Internet, and the quality of the browser will affect your experience of the Internet. I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer because I find it quicker and easier to manage than IE. It is also the browser that I find most recommended by 'computer geeks'.

Add-ons are extra features that embed into the Firefox browser which makes life easier when using the Internet. Here are a couple of my favorite add-ons at the moment.
What are your favorite add-ons or features of Firefox, or other Internet browsers?

Image: 'Firefox Logo' *keng


Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Sarah

PostRank Extension is very useful. Not only does it give me instant information on a post of mine I'd be looking at but it also gives information about other blogs and post on those. I can list your top 5 or so posts at a click.

Another PostRank add on is the display of Top Posts on the side-bar.

Catchya later
from Middle-earth

healthdirectorymoz said...

seo for firefox by Aaron wall for me

thanks for the twitterfox linky - will look into it

koichi said...

Firebug is amazing, indeed. I can't live with out it. Recently I've been using the drop.io add-on to make dropping files easier. I'm looking forward to checking out Loop.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for those suggestions, everyone - I'll check them out.