Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Off to Brisbane

Well, this is it. I'm off to Brisbane today for six months...running away from home...having my big OE at the grand old age of 46!

I look forward to continuing our discussions about the Second Life birthing unit project, and also letting you know about my new work with eMentoring.

I don't know when I'll be back online so if you want to get in touch, please either email me or leave a comment.


Pam said...

Well if I`d known you were ironing I`d have brought mine down for you!

Leigh Blackall said...

Bon Voyage

Mike Bogle said...

Have a great flight across the pond and get ready for the heat. I hear Brissie is nice and humid this time of year :)

BTW I don't think I have your email address so here's mine instead:


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Safe journey.
Have been exploring Second Life. I found the PPH scenario, it was 'locked' though. Any other locations you would recommend?

Sui Fai John Mak said...

Enjoy a good time there at Brisbane. You are still young!
You have mentioned in the forum that you would like to continue with the journey on connectivism.
May I invite you to join http://connectivismeducationlearning.ning.com/ ?
There are many others including Stephen and George there.
So, it could be lots of fun.

Sarah Stewart said...

@Pam I do ironing about once every 6 months, so you'll be unlikely to ever see that photo again!!

@Leigh Thanks. Will try to catch up with you on gtalk when I get Internet settled properly

@midwifemuse The best thing to do is contact Scott Denier - he'll show you around:

@mike Thanks! I hope to treat myself to a trip to Sydney at some stage so hope to catch up with you then.

@John Thanks for invite. I must admit I do struggle with Ning. I prefer email groups because I find Ning difficult to follow. What do the rest of you think about Ning?

InfoMidwife said...

Good luck I'm sure you will enjoy it, apart from the humidity.

Jeffrey Keefer said...

I always iron and prep everything before I travel as well, though usually do not stay away for 6 months.

How exciting a trip; keep us in the loop about your comings and goings and planning and doing.

Enjoy yourself, Sarah. Most people do not take such adventures like this. I sometimes wish I would . . .

Sarah Stewart said...

@infomidwife Yes, humidity is horrible so am have love affair with the air con unit!

@Jeffrey I am very priviledged in being able to take this step, which I have to say is 100% thanks to the support of my husband, bless him!