Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Floor plan for virtual birth unit

Here are the floor plans for the virtual birth unit that we are going to build in Second Life. Have a look at it and tell me what you think, keeping in mind the design features that I have said are really important to incorporate.

Here is the link to the plan that can be downloaded from Internet Archive.


Sarah Stewart said...

I'm just wondering if the rooms should be more curved as opposed to corners, as advocated by Lepori.

Also thinking the women need access to a washing machine, & drying - to encourage cloth nappies as opposed to paper ones.

Would like solar heating and lighting.

Carolyn said...

Great looking floor plan, one to dream for. Would the nappies be supplied by the facility and be part of their laundry service. If this is the case would they be laundered on-site or would this be contracted out? If there is a washing machine it would need to be able to reach high temperatures to ensure proper laundering of contaminated linen.
One wee thing, is there a bidette? If there is I can't find it.

Sarah Stewart said...

Bidette - yes, I knew there was soemthing we had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me.

Carolyn said...

Just one other wee thing. I have a personal loathing of a bed sitting in the middle of a space. I know the bed area is in a sort of off chute of this space but it is still central and prominent, crying out come and lie on me. Is this the room the woman would be in for her entire stay in the facility? Is it possible to move the bed, have it to the side during labour but bring it back more centrally after the baby is born or if it is needed during the labour?

Sarah Stewart said...

Its not meant to be in the middle of the space - maybe it look like its in the middle than it actually will be in reality. Good point, thanks.

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