Thursday, March 6, 2008

31 Days to Building a Better Blog: Day 23

I am plodding on with the 31 Day Blog Challenge and have got to Day 23. I must admit to being very bored with it now and have moved on to other projects: my ePortfolio, as well as developing a paper supporting my aim to make some midwifery courses into open access resources for the international midwifery community. I have also joined another open access course being offered by Otago Polytechnic:Designing for flexible learning practice. But, I am determined not to admit defeat and am plodding on.

Today's challenge involves checking my blog for dead end links. There is nothing more frustrating for the reader to follow a link and find it is no longer connected to anything. If this happens consistently, one's reputation as a blogger will be affected. I certainly do not have the time to check all the links on my blog so I used two free online programs to do it for me: W3C Link Checker (as suggested by Sue Waters) and Dead-Links.

W3C Link said I had 3 links missing whereas only 1 was missing in reality. Dead-Links said I had a lot more missing and the ones I checked appeared to be fine. I got bored with checking them all and did not find the report anything as user friendly as the W3C Link report. So I would stick with W3C Link.

Incidentally, I have a guest blogger appearing soon who will fulfill the requirements for Day 21 so keep an eye out for that.


Carolyn said...

Mysterious and interesting.

Sarah Stewart said...

Ah ha, all part of my devious strategy to attract more readers!