Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making a video about my ePortfolio using Jing

I think Jing is a great program to use to make short videos and capture screen photos. So if you want to show someone how to do something on their computer or show them a slide show of photos, Jing allows you to do that very easily. Here is a very basic video I made introducing people to my ePortfolio.

What I haven't worked out, and would really appreciate help with is how to embed the video into this blog. I've read the written instructions and even watched the 'how to' video, but still cannot get my head around what I'm supposed to do. I have used the html code from where the video is stored but when I embed the code into this blog, the video is far too big for the page. I have played with the code but that has not worked. Any suggestions?


Carolyn said...

I think that is the problem with Jing, it is too big. You will need to edit it down so it is not so big, might need to do that in another program, I think some use Microsoft editor or something. With Cam Studio you can actually set it so that it does not record such a big video and it can be exported to youtube as is and from there embedded. I think this is right but i have to check up ever time I do it as I do it so seldom.

Carolyn said...

I wish I could get my old profile back I did reset it but it keeps reverting to this, getting sick of it really.

Sarah Stewart said...

That was going to be my next question: how do I export it to YouTube?

Yes, you're right - your new profile name is a pain!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah--this was great! I'm actually working on a webinar to show people how to use their portfolios to tell a story about themselves and a screencast tour of the portfolio is one of my suggestions. This was a great example and, for me at least, helped me feel like I know you a little better as a person, which is, of course, one of the goals of a portfolio. Great work and thanks for sharing!

As to your technical questions, I'm going to have to play around with Jing some more myself, so if I figure it out, I'll let you know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, it was cool to finally hear your voice--makes me feel like I really know you now! After seeing you use Jing, I am excited about trying it out myself! Every year my school has an orientation day for students on how to access their various on-line courses. It's a lot of info to remember, and they do their work from home so there isn't a teacher there to look over their shoulder and help them out. I've posted power-point slides with how to's, but a screen-cast would be so much more powerful.

With regards to a similar tool, have you tried slidecasting? It's another way to explain and show "how to". I posted about it here

Thanks once again for the inspiration!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you both, Claire and Michele - you're very kind especially as I thought it was terrible. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I need some sort of script when I do these videos.

Thanks for the link to info about slidecasting, Claire. I do like to make slidecasts but when you actually want to show someone how to do something 'live' then I prefer video. I am conscious that Jing has its limitations so I need to find out more about using programs such as Camstudio etc.