Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids - who'd have 'em?!

It isn't often we do things as a family these days - my kids are in their late teens, and one has left home. But last Sunday was my husband's birthday, so they had to tow the line and hang out with mum and dad.

My husband is just getting into golf so the birthday treat was a family golf lesson. We turned up at the golf course and started talking to the coach, and noticed a couple of young children about to go and have a game of golf. The coach told us that they were junior champions. The kids were very impressed and one of them turned to me and said "I wish you'd got me into something when I was a child". The other earnestly agreed.

WHAT!?! I nearly strangled the pair of them! I tried to get them into rugby, football, archery, violin, Scouts, Brownies, clarinet, sailing, ice hockey, athletics, ballet, swimming, diving, netball, hockey, ten pin bowling...need I go on!?!

The moral of the story - blowed if I can think of one! Kids - who'd have 'em!

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