Monday, November 22, 2010

Experimenting with organic insecticide

I am very pleased to see my broad beans doing really well in the small pots I am growing them in. But I have noticed they already have some white/green fly.

I was given a tip a few weeks ago that you can make organic insecticide that will get rid of green fly on vegetables by soaking onion skin in water and then spraying your plants. I have no idea how much onion or water you use...and no idea how long you soak the onion. So everything is an experiment for me at this stage.

As you can see by the photo above, I have soaked my onion skins for over a month...actually I completely forgot about them! But once I scrapped the mould away I have a very strong smelling liquid. I sprayed the broad beans yesterday...I'll let you know what the result is.

In the meantime, my tomato, courgette and cucumber seedlings are being decimated by a very small, black mite. Any tips on how I can get rid of that...especially in the organic line?

What is your favourite way of ridding vegetables of pests? What organic brew do you use?


Hervé said...

Try crushing them with your fingers ( stongly enough for the pest to be squeezed but without damaging the plant)

Sarah Stewart said...

These little black mite things are too small to crush...not sure what they are...cannot find anything about them on the Internet.

Mel Archer said... The black mites aren't like the black fly you can see in the link above?

Sarah Stewart said...

No, Mel...they are very small so definitely are not beetles. I am afraid I have zapped the black mites with chemical spray which seems to have done the trick