Saturday, November 13, 2010

My picks for the Edublogs Awards 2010

I cannot believe it's that time of year again...time to send in my nominations for the 2010 Edublog Awards. Here are my picks for the education blogs and online sites that have supported my learning this year.

Best individual blog: Anne Marie Cunningham -
Anne is a GP and clinical lecturer. Anne's blog has become extremely influential in terms of educating health professionals. She is a very open and honest person who reflects in a way that influences my own thinking. She shares resources, facilitates many very useful conversations, and her blog really stands out in the field of health education.

Best individual tweeter: Alec Couros -!/courosa
There are so many wonderful people who contribute to my earning that it is very difficult to pick just one person. The reason I have nominated Alec this year is because I love his balance between professional and personal tweets, the resources he shares and the way he models his PLN.

Best student blog
: Jane Scripps -
Nominating a student blog from the online course I facilitate, "Facilitating Online", has become my way of acknowledging and celebrating the work of the students. This year I would like to nominate the blog of Jane Scripps which is a wonderful example of reflective practice in which Jane charts her learning journey with insight and honesty.

Best resource sharing blog: The OLDaily -
I really don't know how Stephen Downes maintains the commitment he has shown for years in providing this service, but suffice to say, the OLDaily is of the main ways I keep in touch with what's going on in the world of education.

Most influential blog post: John “Pathfinder” Lester "With every Exodus comes Expansion: Educators and Non-profits in Second Life"
This post explains the issues that are currently facing educators who use Second Life in their work, and gives advice and options about alternatives to Second Life. This post was influential to me on a personal level because it re-energised my interest in Second Life and got me reflecting on my use of virtual worlds in midwifery education. As a result of this reflection I have now become involved in an international collaboration that is expanding the work of the Virtual Birth Unit.

Best teacher blog: Nancy White -
Nancy's blog is a wonderful mix of personal reflections and resources that I use as the framework for a lot of my own teaching and research. What I have admired over the years is her honesty and generosity which I hope I go some way to emulate.

Best educational use of video / visual: RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms -
I just love this animation of a talk about education given by Sir Ken Robinson. The talk in itself is extremely powerful, however the visuals gives it an extra buzz making this a "must-watch" video for educators.

Best educational wiki: Jokaydia Virtual Worlds Wiki -

This wiki designed and maintained by Jo Kay is packed with information and resources about the use of virtual worlds and education. I use it frequently for finding and sharing information with educators who are new to virtual worlds.

Best educational webinar series: World OT Day -
I know this nomination hasn't got a hope of winning this section because it is a niche interest. However, I am nominating this 24 hour webinar event that was organised by Merrolee Penman and her team as an extremely influential move in the world of health education and professional development. I believe we will see a lot more of these sorts of events.

Lifetime achievement: Stephen Downes -
What can I say about Stephen that hasn't already been said! A great contributor to the world of education.

What are your nominations going to be this year? For more information about how to nominate people, please go to the Edublog Award website.


Nancy White said...

Simply said, you are sweet! :-)

Jane Scripps said...

I didn't know about that!! I just enjoyed myself and showed it in words, learning and growth is my thing.

Unknown said...

Great list! Thanks so much for the nomination - I am truly flattered!

Take care, Sarah.

Susan B said...

Thanks for nominating World OT Day Global Virtual Exchange. You inspired us!!

Merrolee said...

Yes thank you Sarah - it was a wonderful event.. but.... it only occured through your inspirational work with VIDM - if there was an award for those who have inspired us - you'd be our pick! thanks again!