Sunday, November 9, 2008

Being a midwife

I love this reflective poem by Pam. It captures so succinctly what midwives feel at times.

by Pam

Don`t mess with me,
I`m tired.
Don`t hug me,
I will cry.
Don`t tell me it will be ok,
I feel it won`t.
Don`t do any more washing,
I can see the ironing pile getting bigger.
Don`t offer me chocolate,
I feel fat.
Don`t ask me to do just one more visit,
I`ve already worked 120hrs.
Don`t shout at me,
I will shout back.
Don`t be patronizing,
I will shed tears.
Don`t frustrate me,
I`m an emotional knot inside.
Don`t call me unnecessarily,
I will put the phone in the toilet!

1 comment:

KG said...

Yup--sounds like the poor fragile over-emotional self absorbed midwives I've met too.
And most of them manage to combine those traits with mindless arrogance as well.