Monday, November 3, 2008

Safe motherhood is more than just maternity

Last free online seminar for 2008.

Tricia Thompson, midwife and Programmes Officer for Asia, will be talking about her work for Caritas, an organization for aid and development in developing countries.

Tuesday 4th November

6.30 pm New Zealand time. For international time, please click here.

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Disclaimer: Opinions presented at the seminars are not necessarily those of Otago Polytechnic School of Midwifery.

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Anonymous said...

11:30 pm. hmmmmm I should be there.
Not like I'm sleeping much these days anyway. I might try and get in a snooze after the kids are in bed, so I'm not yawning as much.

Sarah Stewart said...

Sorry its so late for you but I had to fit it in with various other activities this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm not complaining! I'm just musing on the hour. Have to say, I haven't been sleeping well anyway.
So the time is great! And I'm just a lowly interested party, not a professional.