Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Video using my digital photo camera

Here is a short video clip using my digital photo camera.

What do you think is better - the video here or the one using my web cam? What was the better quality picture and sound, and which one was easier to download?


Claire Thompson said...

I like the web cam better. The picture quality was sharper using your digital camera, but the background flashed--probably due to the camera moving around a bit.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Claire. I was holding it to face me so had no idea what was going on. The web cam will be a lot easier for me to manage. I'll just have to make sure there is better lighting.

Dot said...

I agree with Claire that the picture quality is better on the digital camera but the background changes shade in a slightly disconcerting way. The sound is slightly better on the digital too, for me; the webcam gives a metallic edge sometimes. But I'd still go with the webcam because the angle is more flattering and it's easier to control.

You're getting a bit of a kiwi accent - did you know?:-)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks, Dot - I must make more of an effort to put on my posh English voice!

I am about to get a small digital camera that I can throw into my handbag for impromptu photography. It will be interesting to see how video using that camera will look.