Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have just dropped a clanger!

I have just made a big mistake.

Advertising the first online midwifery seminar for 2008
I have been sending emails and posting information about the first online midwifery seminar for this year. I have cut and pasted the information about the meeting from the PD for midwives wiki.

Where I have sent the information
I have posted information to midwifery research email discussion list, OzMidwifery email list, The New Zealand College of Midwives and Australian College of Midwives, midwifery blogs such as Sage Femme and midwifemuse, and 'Bein a Midwife is the best job in the world!!!!' Facebook group (nearly 2000 members).

I have not included the wiki address/URL. This means that people do not know how to access the information about how to use Elluminate.

I wonder if this will have a negative effect on the uptake of this seminar?

Image: 'A clanger in the library'

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