Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Collecting names and stories of inspiring midwives for International Day of the Midwife

Who is the midwife who inspires you?

Collecting names and stories
As a response to a post I wrote about the midwives who have inspired me over the years, I am collecting names and stories that will be published in the journal of the International Confederation of Midwives to celebrate International Midwives Day.

Contact me
So please feel free to leave me the name of the midwife who inspires you and why, either on this blog or by email: sarahstewart(at)

Image: 'Amy in Labor'


Anonymous said...

I am inspired by Liz Holleman - a midwife who was practicing in Palmerston North. She just recently lost her battle to cancer. She was so corageous, always smiling. She inspires me because of her incredible caring nature, always looking out for others and their needs. When she was there, everything would be alright. She really was a servant midwife.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you very much, anonymous, for that touching tribute.

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

A midwife who inspired me was Ursula Hallum from Christchurch. After my son was born 23 years ago I was privileged to be able to observe this midwives practice. I had been a midwife for about 5-10 years on and off but it was the first time I saw a homebirth, or a woman birthing off the bed. I vividly remember seeing the first birth I attended with her, when the woman birthed standing with one leg up on a chair. I was blown away by the atmosphere of serenity and the incredible ease of the process. This was prior to midwifery autonomy in New Zealand and the GP was present but very much in the background, respecting the space of the woman and midwife. It changed my whole perception of the possibilities for birth and in that moment I think I truly became a midwife. There was no going back.

Sarah Stewart said...

Isn't it funny-I have known you nearly 10 years and I have never heard this story. Thank you very much.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Sarah

I have just read your blog.

I too trained in Salisbury as you know and I also remember Sr Newland. She was calm and kind and the first time I experienced a stillbirth as a student midwife she supported me and talked to me. I remember her as being always available.

Your student Glynis was in my group. Her name is Glynis Rose and I think she still works in community around Salisbury.

My inspiration as a student was a community midwife called Jan Elgar who conducted home births including breech births and was another calm
knowledgeable person who did not mind a student asking lots of
questions. She worked very hard, long hours but the women loved her and respected her.

My other major inspiration Is Prof Marlene Sinclair at University of
Ulster. She is brave and fearless and prepared to take on the world to advance midwifery knowledge. She encouraged to write and publish and do a PhD and I consider her my mentor and friend.

Best wishes, Kenda

Dr Kenda Crozier
University of East Anglia
School of Nursing and Midwifery,