Monday, April 28, 2008

Story telling in Second Life

If you would like to get a taste for Second Life or if you are interested in seeing what New Zealand Educators are up to, or if you like to hear/tell stories then please read on:

International Storytelling Day is being celebrated on Koru Island. Participants are invited to meet and join a storytelling circle on Friday May 16th 8pm NZ (May16th 1am - SL time) - International Time Zones.

Further details from Arwenna Stardust (Clare Atkins) at her blog: Arwenna Stardust's Second Life Blog.


catkins_in_nz said...

Thanks for the promo Sarah! We have now confirmed the time as 8pm NZ times so that is Friday May 16th 1am - SL time!
Looking forward to what should be a great session!

Amie said...

Her Sarah, I just read you colum in this issue of NZCOM Journal, it was a buzz seeing your name in there since I read your blog too. If you are still having trouble with Gmail folders try adding labels which you can the attach to all emails then they are all collated in that file. Once you have labelled them you can also archive them so they are not all cluttering up your inbox. Hope that helps :)

Sarah Stewart said...

@Claire - Am really looking forward to it.

@Amie - Thank you so much for your feedback about my column. You are the first person who has ever given me feedback on it, which is sad considering it's been going since about 1998!

Thank you for the great tip about managing my gmail post. I have been archiving them with 'stars' but your suggestion is a lot tidier. I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving your comment. cheers

Carolyn said...

will have to try that on my Gmail also, thanks for the tip.

Sarah you might also want to point people to the posts on my blog with information about how to get started in second life. If there are any newbies I am happy for them to message me in second life and I can add them to my friends list. I would then be able to transport them to Koru if they needed this. I might do a quick post of my own about this.

Carolyn said...
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