Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Midwifery Sustainability Wiki

Lorna Davies has just started a wiki on midwifery sustainability. I have joined up and will be very interested to see how this wiki develops in the midwifery community.

Lorna is using Wetpaint which is a wiki platform that I have never heard of before. So I am looking forward to comparing its attributes to platforms such as wikispaces and wikeducator.

The thing that 'bugs', or 'concerns' or 'niggles' at me is that 'we' (in this case, I mean midwives but it applies to 'everyone') are doing bits and pieces all over the place and it is difficult to track where and what people are doing. I wonder if it would be much better... easier... logical...time saving... consistent...if we all agreed to work in just one or two places.

But how we agree on what platform to use is another issue. I guess the first step is to make sure we are all talking the same language and communicating with each other regularly.

Any thoughts on this?

Image: 'Waterfall'

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