Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My third video option

This is my third option of video, courtesy of my new 'point and shot' camera that I was given for my birthday: the two previous choices were my web cam and my 'posh' camera.

Of the three options, I think this is the best quality - you can see quite clearly that I've just got out of bed! But the sound isn't so good - I sound as if I have a lisp.

On reflection, I think this will suffice for short videos I make for my ePortfolio reflections. I would agree with Claire Thompson, who wrote in her post 'Look Ma, I'm on TV' that there is a limited appeal for very long video presentations. So it is important to consider how I am going to use video and how it will engage my audience.


Sue Waters said...

Interesting there is still a slight issue with the colour perhaps because light coming from video interfering. Think you should place camera on something then press record for better shoot :).

Thanks for joining us at Open PD this morning.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks, Sue. I had a great time, Cheers.