Thursday, April 24, 2008

Online international midwifery collaboration

I had a very interesting online conversation on Elluminate last night with midwifery educators in Pakistan. This time the Internet did not let me down. As I explained in a previous post, Rafat and her colleagues are looking at midwifery curriculum from other countries in order to give them ideas for the curriculum they are developing.

Online meetings
I found it truly mind-blowing that I was able to sit in my living room with a cuppa and talk to midwives in Pakistan. We all agreed that being able to meet online is amazing for communication and collaboration, especially as none of us can afford to go to the ICM conference - the major international midwifery conference of the year in Glasgow, UK. And even though as midwifery educators we live and work in very different contexts, we face the same issues and challenges; juggling the demands of academia and clinical practice, and accessing research funding.

International midwifery collaboration
Rafat and her team are women after my own heart. They are very keen to explore opportunities for collaboration, and in particular are interested in developing free, open access midwifery resources. They have agreed to become involved with the online midwifery seminar program and present a session on midwifery in Pakistan.

Image: 'Karachi, Pakistan'


Carolyn said...

Thanks for this Sarah. i hope to get to meet with your new friends some time. Sorry i was too tired the other night. I have blogged about this (

Kerry said...

Hello, I am an American midwife (CPM & CNM for those who scrutinize the differences!) I just returned from a volunteer trip in Skardu, Northern Area of Pakistan. I did midwifery teaching to TBAs, Dais, Lady Health Visitors and Lady Health Workers. It is a lovely place and the people are incredible. There is much work to be done and I hope to go back again. for some photos of my trip.

susan said...

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