Thursday, May 1, 2008

Successful trial run

Today I had a successful trial run of Elluminate with Mavis Schorn in Nashville, in preparation for our web conference on International Midwives' Day with our midwifery students.

International Time Zones
The very first thing that dawned on us was that we had our time zones wrong! Thank goodness we got that sorted out, or we would have been stuck even before we had started. When working with people in different time zones, it is useful to use time converter tools like 'The World Clock'

Elluminate and headsets
The second major lesson I realized was that it can take a little time to configure headsets with Elluminate. I have to say that I have never had any problems, but Mavis and her team took a little while to get audio working and the same happened with my colleagues a few days ago. I am afraid I have no idea why that should be, or how to sort it. But if you are having problems, it is something to keep in mind. Suffice to say, I am really glad we had managed to sort this out before the official session next week.


Other than that everything seemed to go very well and we're really looking forward to our online get-together. We're confident that the technology will work, but I will put the slide presentation on Flickr just in case things do not go to plan.


Carolyn said...

Are the students going to be in a computer lab? Will you need to check the headphones are working properly on those computers before you start?
I am keeping fingers crossed for you that it all works out well.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you so much for caring - I can't believe how nervous I am. We're having a wee practice run the day before. I'd be a lot less nervous if I was doing a face-to-face presentation in front of hundreds of people than I am about this. Why is that? Having said that, I am sure we're have a great time.