Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 15 - and the award goes to...

Day 15 of the Comment Challenge involves giving a Comment Award to my favorite commentator.

Michele Martin and Sue Waters have been two of my most helpful, supportive and consistent of commentators, so thank you both very much. This blog would never have got off the ground without your help.

But the award goes to Rae and Carolyn McIntosh. They get the award because they always generously comment and have significantly contributed to the growth of this blog. Their contributions are always thoughtful and insightful. And to top it all, they are both fabulous midwives.

Rae and Carolyn - thank you for all your support. Have a great trip to the ICM in Glasgow - I will miss you both.


Carolyn said...

wow my first online award. Thanks Sarah. Will give your love to Blighty, just one more day at work and we fly away. Still a little anxious abou leaving a grieving daughter behind.

Sarah Stewart said...

Have a safe trip-look forward to hearing all about it.