Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comment Challenge Day 17: Commenting on Five blogs in Five minutes

I have got really behind with the Comment Challenge because I've been distracted with other projects. Thankfully, Day 16 was a rest day. Today's Challenge is designed to be a bit of fun but I think it sounds hard work - I have to comment on five blogs in five minutes.

My five comments
The posts I commented were all on blogs who are doing the Challenge. Interestingly, there was a bit of a theme - people were loving the Challenge and learning heaps, but they were getting tired. So my comments tended to be a little repetitious - I agreed that I had got a little tired of the Challenge so had taken a few days off to focus on other things. Now, I am feeling re-energized, motivated and ready to get back into things again.

My time
I have to say that I was blown away when I looked at my time. I thought I had stuck well to the five minutes. But when I added up my time, it came to 30 minutes - and that was just to make quick, reasonably unconsidered comments. Goodness only knows how much time I spend when I am thinking hard about a comment.

Lesson to be learned
I think the thing that has really struck me about this exercise is to value people's comments on my blog because they invest so much of their time into making them.

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Kevin said...

I think you are right -- folks are feeling weary, but still seeing the value in the challenge.
It would have been better to make it 14 days or something. That was about the time when I had to take a break and then regroup and come back in.
Take care

Sarah Stewart said...

The break has certainly given me fresh impetus. It doesn't matter if I complete the challenge in 62 days as opposed to 31 - I suspect that will be the case.

Claire Thompson said...

Sarah, the last remark of the post really sums up the whole challenge for me: "I think the thing that has really struck me about this exercise is to value people's comments on my blog because they invest so much of their time into making them."

I haven't tried the 5 in 5 yet, but I know it will be a challenge to do it in 25 minutes let alone 5! Thanks for another great post.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Tena koe!

Sarah, I guess there's value in diversity too, and that was what put me off the 5 in 5 task. It did not permit me the time to utilise diversity effectively.

Christophe described it in terms of what a serial commenter would do - I liked that description.

I'm glad you're re-energised. It's good to participate with enthusiasm.

Ka kite

Kirsti A. Dyer said...

Tena koe (I hope that is a correct greeting)!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Burnout Post. It was helpful reading that others are feeling overwhelmed. Having Day 25 off will be helpful!

I am posting as part of the 31 Day Challenge, in response to Day 24, posting to a foreign country, instead of in a foreign language.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, Claire, for your generous comment.

blogger middle-earth, great to hear from a fellow kiwi.

kirsti, enjoy your 'rest' day.

Anonymous said...

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